bargate 1.6

bargate, an open source web interface to SMB file servers, hasn’t had many new features recently. It is now very stable/reliable and there is little need for any user-visible features. I do however plan a number of changes for v1.6:

Add pysmb support for better SMB2 performance

bargate uses the pysmbc library to talk to SMB file servers. This is a very thin wrapper around Samba’s libsmbclient – the defacto standard open source SMB client. Sadly when using SMB2 or later performance is terrible. The trouble seems to be in the stat() call, here is a comparison:

When using SMB2, pysmbc/libsmbclient performance is so bad that it is unusable. Until now this hasn’t really been a problem – everything supported SMB1 still, and Samba still doesn’t enable SMB2 by default. Since the Windows wannacry vulnerability though many folks are just turning SMB1 off altogether (although there really isn’t a good reason for doing so).

I haven’t made any progress with the Samba team in identifying why using SMB2+ is so much slower, so I’ve decided I will make the ‘backend’ of bargate modular. You will be able to choose which library to use – either pysmbc (libsmbclient) or pysmb, which is an alternative pure-python SMB1/2 implementation. Unlike pysmbc, the pysmb library does not suffer performance issues when using SMB2.

Switch to Bootstrap 4

When Bootstrap 4 is released I’ll switch over to using that rather than the current Bootstrap 3, and take the opportunity to re-write much of the HTML to make the pages more efficient.

Add text editing in browser

The final feature I’m planning to add in bargate 1.6 is support for editing files ‘in-browser’ via the codemirror javascript-based text editor. This would allow users to edit text documents from within bargate, such as plain text, or HTML or programming code.

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